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Professional Cleaning for Your Melbourne Home

Here at ASAP Steam Cleaning, we’re crazy about turning your dirty, tired looking flooring into shining examples of what some TLC can do. That’s why our carpet cleaning service is one that people all throughout Hawthorn, Richmond, St Kilda and Port Melbourne rely on every time things get a bit too messy – we have the experience, tools and skills needed to make it look as good as new in no time at all.

Carpet solutions you can count on

ASAP always aims to deliver the freshest results, regardless of how dirty things are when we get there. Our professional service uses top of the range technology to provide deep carpet cleaning that brings your flooring back to life. We are so thorough that our service ensures any build-up of dust mites, germs and dirt is removed, giving your home cleaner quality of air and maintaining the durability of your carpet to ensure maximum longevity. You’ll be amazed at how a good carpet cleaning can make your space look and feel brand new again.

We’re so good that we’re even qualified by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification. So when you call our team of carpet experts, you can feel confident knowing that what you receive is nothing short of the best results.

Organise your service today

Is your flooring looking a little worse for wear? Call ASAP and we’ll get it looking as good as new once again. Our range of services, including water damage restoration and upholstery cleaning, are comprehensive and always conducted by experienced professionals with a passion for achieving the best results.

Call us today on 1300 330 191 for more information on our range of services throughout St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Richmond and Hawthorn, or to book your next cleaning appointment.

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